Landscaping Bedfordshire

Landscaping – Other things to Consider

What things should you consider when you are thinking about Landscaping your Garden.

The following is a list of topics that you should think about:



Fairly obvious but relevant…where does the Sun rise & fall should make a difference to your design.



Do you have the soil you require for the plants that you want? If not you will need to either change the soil or reconsider the type of planst that you wanted.



Do you have neighbours fencing? Do you have Hedges? All will make a difference to what you can do in your garden. Is always worthwhile mentioning to your neighbour/s what you are doing just in case they had plans of their own! e.g. A new higher fence….or no fence at all!



Do you intent to have furniture in your garden? & will that need a base to sit on….or will it need natural shade etc….how big is the area that is required (you don’t want the furniture spilling out over the area…& you don’t want it looking lost in a big area. What about BBQ?….freestanding portable one….or do you want a feature build one? & if so, how close to the house (smoke/smell).


These are a few of the things that need to be considered when you are landscaping your garden & trying to work out the landscape design.

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Landscaping – Tips 6 & 7

Welcome back to the Landscaping Bedfordshire Blog… are some more tips to consider when employing a Landscaper.


Tip #6: Samples

This is very important! Make sure you get to see & FEEL the samples for your landscaping project. Materials can look fine in catalogues or online BUT there is no substitute for actually feeling the samples….also colours can be different than how they appear in  photo’s.

This can be all sorts of samples….from brickwork to paving slabs to fence panels & varnishes. Even shrubs & grass can be asked for….sounds silly but can make a big difference from idea to reality!


Tip # 7: Payments

Now I can’t tell you what to do…..but ideally pay by invoice & make a payment via your bank or cheque……you won’t  be the 1st or the last to suggest a ‘cash’ price for a landscaper….BUT if something does goes wrong you are not in a great position to do anything about it as effectively you are tax avoiding (namely VAT). Similary be warned of landscapers (in Bedfordshire or anywhere for that matter) to ask if they can be paid in cash….it’s not a good sign in my opinion. If all things are done ‘above board’ then you are in a much better position to get help in the unlikely occasion that the work has not gone according to plan.


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Tips 4 & 5 – Landscaping

Here is another post to give some more advice in respect of getting some landscaping done (this is general & not Bedfordshire based as we will look at the region in more detail further down the line.


Tip 4: Costings & Landscaping Budgets

You need to have a good relationship with your Landscaper & should be open & honest in respect of how much you have to spend. A rule is not to try & trick the contractor into trying to get the lowest price possible! This is a short sighted way of looking at the project. A good relationship with your Landscaper will see the project go smoother & them being helpful rather than them having to cut corners etc to stay within the boundaries of the budget you have forced them into…


Tip 5: Talk to the Landscapers previous clients

Whether this is in Bedfordshire or not it shouldn’t really matter. BUT make sure you talk to them, don’t just go with the testimonials that maybe on their website etc. You can get FAR more from a voice than the written work. You should be able to make out straight away if they were happy with the work of your landscaper. It is very hard to disguise disappointment in your voice.

Going on from that it is also worthwhile asking to speak to the last 3 jobs……this then cuts out the risk of you just speaking to the jobs that were very happy (or family members) & in theory getting a ‘real’ understanding of what the landscaper’s work is really like….


More Tips to follow in the next Blog of Landscaping Bedfordshire.

Landscaping in Bedfordshire – The Right Person – Tips 2 & 3

Welcome back to finding the right landscaper in Bedfordshire….I will continue this blog with a few more tips & hints about finding the right person to do your Landscaping!

Tip #2:  Have a Plan or Brief of what you want to do.

Again, this would seem far too obvious…BUT a lot of people don’t!. Do you want /need any constructions built e.g. Shed & Out Houses….& if so can the Landscaper do this or should it be outsourced? What about Water features? Ponds, Fountains? Will you need to re-turf? this will change what time of year you need to consider starting/finishing.

What is important is that whatever the plan is, keep it the same for all the landscapers that quote for your project….otherwise it is impossible to give them all a fair chance if you keep changing it for the next one based on what the previous one has offered….


Tip #3: Limit the number of Landscapers approached.

For most jobs the ideal number to actually get round to quote on your Landscaping is 3…..this is in generally & not just a Bedfordshire thing. Make sure you look at quite a few online first, see what examples they have etc & then officially approach 3 to get quotes. This should give you a very good idea of costs involved for your Landscaping & what is achieveable.

Maybe consider a 4th after the initial 3 if you just haven’t come to a an obvious conclusion.

Finding the Right Landscaper in Bedfordshire – Tip #1

Welcome to the 1st blog about trying to find the right landscaper in Bedfordshire. Here I will try & give a few hints & tips about how to find the right person for the right job.

Landscaping is not a small or cheap affair so you will want to do the research to make sure you are getting value for money…..and more importantly, you are getting what you have paid for.

So here are a few Hints & Tips about getting the right Landscaper…..I have chosen Bedfordshire to concentrate on but to be honest this sort of information is not really area specific:


Tip # 1: Budget Budget Budget!!

I am sure you can fill this section in yourself!….but you would be suprised as to how many people don’t when they are choosing a Landscaper! (whether in Bedfordshire or not). You need to know how much you can afford to spend. A good rule of thumb is to cut that figure by 20% so you have given yourself a margin for change….don’t tell the people you get in to quote for the landscaping tho!!….This also gives you that extra bit of money for things that you hadn’t thought of e.g. extra features for your Bedfordshire garden!

look out for Tip # 2 in a few days here on !!