Landscaping in Bedfordshire – The Right Person – Tips 2 & 3

Welcome back to finding the right landscaper in Bedfordshire….I will continue this blog with a few more tips & hints about finding the right person to do your Landscaping!

Tip #2:  Have a Plan or Brief of what you want to do.

Again, this would seem far too obvious…BUT a lot of people don’t!. Do you want /need any constructions built e.g. Shed & Out Houses….& if so can the Landscaper do this or should it be outsourced? What about Water features? Ponds, Fountains? Will you need to re-turf? this will change what time of year you need to consider starting/finishing.

What is important is that whatever the plan is, keep it the same for all the landscapers that quote for your project….otherwise it is impossible to give them all a fair chance if you keep changing it for the next one based on what the previous one has offered….


Tip #3: Limit the number of Landscapers approached.

For most jobs the ideal number to actually get round to quote on your Landscaping is 3…..this is in generally & not just a Bedfordshire thing. Make sure you look at quite a few online first, see what examples they have etc & then officially approach 3 to get quotes. This should give you a very good idea of costs involved for your Landscaping & what is achieveable.

Maybe consider a 4th after the initial 3 if you just haven’t come to a an obvious conclusion.

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