Landscaping – Other things to Consider

What things should you consider when you are thinking about Landscaping your Garden.

The following is a list of topics that you should think about:



Fairly obvious but relevant…where does the Sun rise & fall should make a difference to your design.



Do you have the soil you require for the plants that you want? If not you will need to either change the soil or reconsider the type of planst that you wanted.



Do you have neighbours fencing? Do you have Hedges? All will make a difference to what you can do in your garden. Is always worthwhile mentioning to your neighbour/s what you are doing just in case they had plans of their own! e.g. A new higher fence….or no fence at all!



Do you intent to have furniture in your garden? & will that need a base to sit on….or will it need natural shade etc….how big is the area that is required (you don’t want the furniture spilling out over the area…& you don’t want it looking lost in a big area. What about BBQ?….freestanding portable one….or do you want a feature build one? & if so, how close to the house (smoke/smell).


These are a few of the things that need to be considered when you are landscaping your garden & trying to work out the landscape design.

More next time on the Lanscaping in Bedfordshire Blog…


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