Landscaping – Tips 6 & 7

Welcome back to the Landscaping Bedfordshire Blog… are some more tips to consider when employing a Landscaper.


Tip #6: Samples

This is very important! Make sure you get to see & FEEL the samples for your landscaping project. Materials can look fine in catalogues or online BUT there is no substitute for actually feeling the samples….also colours can be different than how they appear in  photo’s.

This can be all sorts of samples….from brickwork to paving slabs to fence panels & varnishes. Even shrubs & grass can be asked for….sounds silly but can make a big difference from idea to reality!


Tip # 7: Payments

Now I can’t tell you what to do…..but ideally pay by invoice & make a payment via your bank or cheque……you won’t  be the 1st or the last to suggest a ‘cash’ price for a landscaper….BUT if something does goes wrong you are not in a great position to do anything about it as effectively you are tax avoiding (namely VAT). Similary be warned of landscapers (in Bedfordshire or anywhere for that matter) to ask if they can be paid in cash….it’s not a good sign in my opinion. If all things are done ‘above board’ then you are in a much better position to get help in the unlikely occasion that the work has not gone according to plan.


More next time in another blog from Landscaping Bedfordshire…

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