Tips 4 & 5 – Landscaping

Here is another post to give some more advice in respect of getting some landscaping done (this is general & not Bedfordshire based as we will look at the region in more detail further down the line.


Tip 4: Costings & Landscaping Budgets

You need to have a good relationship with your Landscaper & should be open & honest in respect of how much you have to spend. A rule is not to try & trick the contractor into trying to get the lowest price possible! This is a short sighted way of looking at the project. A good relationship with your Landscaper will see the project go smoother & them being helpful rather than them having to cut corners etc to stay within the boundaries of the budget you have forced them into…


Tip 5: Talk to the Landscapers previous clients

Whether this is in Bedfordshire or not it shouldn’t really matter. BUT make sure you talk to them, don’t just go with the testimonials that maybe on their website etc. You can get FAR more from a voice than the written work. You should be able to make out straight away if they were happy with the work of your landscaper. It is very hard to disguise disappointment in your voice.

Going on from that it is also worthwhile asking to speak to the last 3 jobs……this then cuts out the risk of you just speaking to the jobs that were very happy (or family members) & in theory getting a ‘real’ understanding of what the landscaper’s work is really like….


More Tips to follow in the next Blog of Landscaping Bedfordshire.

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